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No time is better than the present to pursue a career in Technology. Covid has taught humanity a great deal. With tech vacancies (work-from-home) on the rise and demand for digital talent at an all-time high, there are numerous exciting career opportunities in this industry.

How to transition from your  career to  a career in Technology?

Communicate with those who work in Technology.The best way to understand what working in Technology entails is to speak with industry professionals. Never be reluctant to inquire. By reaching out to us, I believe you have all completed a crucial step. Two years ago, I contemplated a new career path. In fact, I was a medical courier driver without a degree or certification in Technology. I decided to transition into Information Technology not only for the six-figure salary but also for the flexibility that comes with working from home (remotely), which includes spending  time with my family and travelling around the globe.

You can do it, too!

My team is willing to provide you with the guidance and mentoring you need to transition to a career in Technology. Careers in Information Technology extend far beyond coding and programming. We have identified three high-paying I.T. positions that you could easily transition into without prior programming or coding experience. Our team of devoted I.T. professionals will train and mentor you until you obtain employment in one of these positions.

1. Data analyst - we will train you from the ground up on how to use Microsoft's Power BI business intelligence software to analyze data and tell a story using Dashboard. Click on the links below for more information.

2. SQL Database Administrator

3. Scrum Master/Project Manager. Non - Technical

This course is appropriate for those who aspire to be team leaders or servant leaders. As a scrum master, you are listening, comprehending, repeating, summing up, energising, observing, writing, simplifying, critiquing, recommending, asserting, etc. 


Job Search and Salary Expectations:

The aforementioned positions all offer salaries in excess of $100,000 or between 50 and 80 dollars per hour. Upon completion of our program, we will assist you with resume preparation, distribute your resume to our network of recruiters, and provide you with interview preparations/tips. Simply Google or visit www.dice.com and search for any of these roles, and you will be astonished by the salary range in the United States for these roles in I.T, an easy path to six figures!

Note: Assistance with job searches is restricted to those who are authorized to work in the United States.


What next? Now Is The Time!

  1. Those with no prior IT experience should consult with a member of our staff to determine which course to begin with. Before enrolling in the main course, we will place you in a special Introductory class to help you learn the fundamentals of computing.
  2. Sign up on our website. From now until December, all of our courses have been discounted to $950. In addition, we offer flexible payment options.



What makes us unique?

  1. We offer Live classes with only five to ten students per session.
  2. One-on-one sessions if you require assistance.
  3. Cost-effective tuition and a flexible payment plan.
  4. Interview and Resume Preparation
  5. Referral within our recruiter network.

We are a family of young African-American Tech professionals dedicated to the success of our members.

Thank you for reading my lengthy blog. I hope this information is helpful. We are delighted to assist you. 

Please click here for more FAQ information. https://datapluzz.academy/faqs



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