Power BI was initially conceived as an Excel add-on, this business intelligence dynamo stands on its own today as one of the most important tools you can use for data analytics and visualization. An industry favorite, Power BI enables companies to pull raw data from cloud-based systems and turn it into visually immersive, actionable data. No wonder, then, that Power BI skills are currently one of the most sought-after skills in tech, and adding it to your resume can unlock an exciting array of high-paying careers.


Whether you're looking to boost your career with some basic Power BI skills, or launch a lucrative career as a Power BI consultant or developer, Datapluzz got you covered:

Course Overview

Microsoft Power BI is a broadly used business intelligence (BI) and analytics software trusted by top notch companies like Microsoft,Amazon, Experian, Unilever, and others, to explore, visualize, and tightly share data in the form of workbooks and dashboards. With its user – friendly drag – and – drop functionality, Power BI can be used by everyone to rapidly clean, analyze and visualize your team’s data. Datapluzz Academy will help enrolled students to learn how to traverse Power Bi interface and connect and present data using easy – to – understand visualizations. By the end of this training, our students will have the expertise you need to assuredly discover Power BI and build impactful data dashboards.

What you will learn

The cleanest and most accurate data sources in the world may become useless if no one can see and clearly understand them. This course goes into detail, showing you how to use Microsoft Power BI platform for visual analysis and business intelligence in order to help your audience see and understand their data like never before. You will learn how to connect to many data sources at once, enhance them with calculations and metrics, then display them using proper visual analysis techniques. 

Who should take up this course?

Datapluzz Academy’s Live online course is well matched for professionals with the desire to advance expertise in the domain of analytics, along with IT developers and testers, data analysts, data scientists, BI and reporting professionals, and project managers.

Prerequisites for this course

There are no prerequisites for this online course. We at Datapluzz Academy are only interested in outright commitment of our students/ leaners and their readiness to take the course in all seriousness, in order to reap the full benefits associated with the course after completion.

Benefits of the course

Power Bi has continuously been ranked as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. Proficiency in Power Bi is exceptionally valued in the field of analytics as it is a desired reporting tool for enterprises around the globe.  It is one of the hottest and emerging data visualizations tools which is gaining popularity across the world in all sorts of firms, whether big or small. Considering the current trends of soaring demands, rewarding careers, opportunities in big organizations, future possibilities, this is the best time for those who are ready to explore these great benefits to enroll and get the needed expertise in Power Bi. 

Course Timeline:
Live Lessons
Introduction to Powe...

Course Timetable

Date 10-12-2022 06:00 PM
Date 08-01-2023 06:00 PM
Introduction to Power BI
Live Lessons
Building My First Da...

Course Timetable

Date 13-01-2023 06:00 PM
Date 14-01-2023 06:00 PM
Date 15-01-2023 06:00 PM
Date 28-01-2023 04:00 PM
Live Lessons
Data Modelling and D...

Course Timetable

Date 20-01-2023 06:00 PM
Date 21-01-2023 06:00 PM
Date 22-01-2023 06:00 PM
Live Lessons
Advanced DAX Functio...

Course Timetable

Date 27-01-2023 06:00 PM
Date 28-01-2023 06:00 PM
Date 29-01-2023 06:00 PM
Live Lessons
Data Visualization w...

Course Timetable

Date 03-02-2023 06:00 PM
Date 04-02-2023 06:00 PM
Date 05-02-2023 06:00 PM
Live Lessons
Data Modelling & Dax...

Course Timetable

Date 10-02-2023 06:00 PM
Date 11-02-2023 06:00 PM
Date 12-02-2023 06:00 PM
Live Lessons
Power BI Service...

Course Timetable

Date 18-02-2023 06:00 PM
Date 19-02-2023 06:00 PM
Date 20-02-2023 06:00 PM
Live Lessons
Embedding in Power B...

Course Timetable

Date 21-02-2023 06:00 PM
Date 22-02-2023 06:00 PM

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