Microsoft Azure SQL, self - learning module on Data Pluzz Academy

Course Timeline:
Azure SQL-SP-12- Creating databases on the server
Azure SQL-SP-13- SQL tables
Azure SQL-SP-14-Creating tables with SQL codes
Azure SQL-SP-16-Database files
Azure SQL-SP-17-Saving database files
Azure SQL-SP-18- Opening SQL files
Azure SQL-SP-19- Working with databases and tables
Azure SQL-SP-21-Week 3 summary
Azure SQL-SP-15 Week 2 summary
Azure SQL-SP-22- Data Definition Language
Azure SQL-SP-23-Creating tables
Azure SQL-SP-24-Altering tables
Azure SQL-SP-25-Drop and removing database objects
Azure SQL-SP-26- Truncating tables
Azure SQL-SP-27- Introduction to DML
Azure SQL-SP-28- The Insert Statement
Azure SQL-SP-29-Inserting Records
Azure SQL-SP-30-Inserting Multiple Records
Azure SQL-SP-31-Inserting Records from CSV files
Azure SQL-SP-32-Updating Records
Azure SQL-SP-33-Deleting Records
Azure SQL-SP-34-Summary of DML
Azure SQL-SP-36-Select Statement
Azure SQL-SP-35-Introduction to Data Query Language (DQL) Please download the 2 SQL Files included in this lesson. You will need them in further studies. * HR_database_load_data * HR_database_objects
Azure SQL-SP-37-Performing calculations with SELECT
Azure SQL-SP-38- ALIAS (AS) statement to rename columns
Azure SQL-SP-39- WHERE Clause
Azure SQL-SP-40- Creating more tables from scripts
Azure SQL-SP-41- Examining the new tables
Introduction to Microsoft Azure SQL

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